a spiritual girl in a material world




That connection
That when I think of you and you call me

That when I want to see you
And I bump into you

That when I’m feeling something
And you speak it out loud

That even when you’re across a full room
I can still feel you standing next to me

That even when I’m on the other side of the country
I can still feel everything between us so fully

That we don’t even have to speak
Because we can feel each other like no other

That connection

That’s a connection I will strive for


Solitude for me is key
Moments of reminiscing and reflecting

Solitude for me is key
Because all I need in this world
To elevate, motivate and complete me


And as soon as I set foot in the Night Train
Memories start to rain my brain
Of fear and hurt and love and lust
Conversations people landscapes clouds dust
All passing by just like a plane
Leaving one thing left for me to gain



We live in a world where we can’t expect stuff from others. At least.. Not from the get go. That’s why you should start with yourself first. Love Yourself. Look in the mirror and learn to smile at yourself. Talk to You. Be happy alone, with You.

As soon as you start loving yourself, you will notice: your environment starts seeing it too. You’ll be unbreakable. And they’ll need to make the effort.. to love you equally or even more than you Love Yourself.

Be in peace and in piece at the surface and things will turn out magically fine..


Late at night and
My Mind starts to Thunder
Lightning strikes and
I began to Wonder

“What if I jump into this?”
“What if I’ll start this dance?”

The ‘What if’s’ never brought me far in life
So of course I jumped into it
And hell yeah I took a glance

Because going with that flow of life
Gives room to
Build something that could last


I rather continue loving people
Than continue to mistrust
Be bitter and hate people

Being bitter and sour will only spoil that heart of mine

And hey

Even a good heart has it’s dark spots
Even a good person has his dark side

Doing or being good doesn’t mean you should fully deny your darkness
Because throughout all that darkness
You can still choose to do Light

Oh well..

Kind heart
Innocent face
Loves hard
Bad taste

Geloof, Hoop & Liefde

Een roos die in de tuin groeit en op een dag een mooi gekleurde bloem zal voortbrengen, denkt niet:

‘Welke obstakels moet ik nog overwinnen voordat ik tot bloei kan komen?’.

Ze groeit gewoon door en accepteert het goede en het kwade simpelweg wanneer het zich aandient, in alle zekerheid dat op een dag de bloem zal ontluiken.

– Deepak Chopra

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