a spiritual girl in a material world




While I’ll be watching the clear sky at Night
The bright Moon reflects parts of the Ocean
Unseen in Daylight

I’ll be sitting at the beach with my feet covered
by this beautiful white sand
Listening to the whispers of the waving sea
Visualizing you and thinking about we

While I’ll be watching the clear sky at Night
The Moon reflects parts of Me
Hidden in plain sight
Uncovering truths
That definitely lies within


Eating rhymes
and drinking Moonlight
You won’t understand
Cuz you’re not brained right
I could paint you my vision
But you have blindsight

Soon you’ll turn left
and start mesmerizing
Whilst being in the twilight
of your life, realizing

I’m still here
Still being real
Unconditionally loving
Without any fear


That connection
That when I think of you and you call me

That when I want to see you
And I bump into you

That when I’m feeling something
And you speak it out loud

That even when you’re across a full room
I can still feel you standing next to me

That even when I’m on the other side of the country
I can still feel everything between us so fully

That we don’t even have to speak
Because we can feel each other like no other

That connection

That’s a connection I will strive for


Solitude for me is key
Moments of reminiscing and reflecting

Solitude for me is key
Because all I need in this world
To elevate, motivate and complete me

Note to Self #1

Losstaand verbonden
Blijf verbonden met alles om me heen
Alles om me heen is verbonden met mij
En toch ben ik alleen
Losstaand verbonden
Alleen staand los van alles in connectie

Als de intentie puur is en
de Ander leest het als onzuiver
Twijfel dan niet aan je Eigenwaarde
En je Liefdevolle intentie

Het kan de bril zijn waarmee de ander het leest
die de intentie vertroebelt
Roze blauw grijs zwart helder gebroken gebarsten
Het is de bril waarmee men kijkt
Waardoor sommigen denken in te kunnen schatten

Ik voel liever
Intentieel voelen en beslissen
Gaan met de flow
Losstaand van alles
En toch verbonden


If you decide to listen to your Heart
And let it lead u through Life
It could be
Things that mattered so much before
Just don’t matter anymore

I choose to let Love liberate me in Life

Even when that means
I’m the only person

Birth cord

I can say
That I do attract good men
Good men but still way too attached to their mother
Them mothers still nurturing and feeding them
And eventually they find the mother in me
Me nurturing and feeding them
Tho on another degree
Until I decide that it’s time to cut the birth cord
And let the men watch themselves as grown men
A grown man who can nurture and feed himself
And there it’s where most of the time it gets bad
They can’t or
They just won’t
Cause you know
They will always have a mother backing them up
Not letting them go
And therefore
A partner can never fulfill her role..

Hey You

Last night a beautiful situation occurred. I guess I was more open to it at the moment, so I could receive more clearly.

Yesterday night I helped a friend get rid of old negative energy in her home, by performing a spiritual ritual. After the ritual I decided to surprise my boyfriend and give him a hug and a kiss. He didn’t know I was in town. As I went to his home, I discovered he was already asleep and I decided to go back to my friends home.

I jumped in the metro and pulled out my phone to put on some music while traveling back. As usual shuffle is on. The first two songs were fine. Then the third one came on… The song was from Floetry: ‘Hey You’. Because the song is connected to some heavy emotional stuff, I wanted to switch to another song. I pulled out my phone and pushed on.

And there it was. The sign.
It was exactly 00:00 o’clock. Midnight. I looked at my phone and realized, that it was the 25th of September now. And two years ago, exactly two years ago, my dear uncle passed away after struggling against cancer.

This exact song was the song I repeatedly turned on while traveling from school, work or home to my uncle. It was the song that pulled me through during that hectic period. It released my pain an brought me comfort.

And now, two years later, at 00:00 o’clock precisely, this song puts a smile on my face and confirms that what I feel:

He is still with me and guiding me.

Unconditional love, always, for you. Uncle Errol <3


And as soon as I set foot in the Night Train
Memories start to rain my brain
Of fear and hurt and love and lust
Conversations people landscapes clouds dust
All passing by just like a plane
Leaving one thing left for me to gain


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