a spiritual girl in a material world


Awakened state while dreaming
Dreaming while awake

Them revelations
Voices of my spirits
Telling me to choose
For the better
For Me

Love it is

Note to Self:
Keep an open Heart
Keep an open Mind
Stay real with yourself
Choose from Love for yourself
And the Universe will bring you
Life meant for you

This life isn’t temporary
So why loose energy on temporary
Build beyond this
Build for Higher states

When you want to Build
First priority are the fundamentals
And I believe
That these fundamentals
Should lay in Yourself
So build You first

Be endless
Love Yourself and the Other
As you would love your Child

Love Yourself endlessly

Note to Self #1

Losstaand verbonden
Blijf verbonden met alles om me heen
Alles om me heen is verbonden met mij
En toch ben ik alleen
Losstaand verbonden
Alleen staand los van alles in connectie

Als de intentie puur is en
de Ander leest het als onzuiver
Twijfel dan niet aan je Eigenwaarde
En je Liefdevolle intentie

Het kan de bril zijn waarmee de ander het leest
die de intentie vertroebelt
Roze blauw grijs zwart helder gebroken gebarsten
Het is de bril waarmee men kijkt
Waardoor sommigen denken in te kunnen schatten

Ik voel liever
Intentieel voelen en beslissen
Gaan met de flow
Losstaand van alles
En toch verbonden


I visualized myself being better
With better people
Being in better situations and
Higher level vibrations

There’s a point were I became fearful
My freedom lies in overcoming that fear
Overcoming complacency and
Becoming fearless

Time to bring back the Balance
Time to Heal
Time to Live my purest Self again
In Wo’Moonhood
To Love myself endlessly

This is the year of no bullshitting
Of Boundaries
I will no longer deal with (others) bullshit
Must take it to a Higher Level


“Better be ready for all these people, things and situations you used to visualize, manifesting into your Life! I’m ready.”

i – u

sometimes the reflection in another is
and frightening
because it reflects parts of us

Sun Moon
Light Dark
Yin Yan
Parent Child
Man Woman
Mirror Mirror



why should i be the one to complete you
complete yourself please
be whole alone & alone Holy
and we’ll be complete together
as One


If you decide to listen to your Heart
And let it lead u through Life
It could be
Things that mattered so much before
Just don’t matter anymore

I choose to let Love liberate me in Life

Even when that means
I’m the only person


I am a Miracle Child
My place on Earth
Is given by the Universe
And was written in the Stars

I am a Miracle Child
And I will keep on
Keep on going on
Floating on
Flowing on
For Me


How come you are too blind to see
That with the choices in life
You make
You and you alone
Are accountable for
And not


Sometimes when a life ends
It gives us a new perspective
On life
On new life
It makes things clear
On how to live and love life

I understand
Give me your hand
And trust
That I’ll be here for you

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