There’s a point where I became Fearful
My freedom lies in overcoming that fear
Overcoming complacency
Becoming fearless
Comfortably numb
Purposely dumb
Programmed to move on command
To long for animated fairy tales that resembles nothing familiar to Real Life Experiences
I’ve mostly lived in my head
More than out here in the ‘real’ World
It’s been the lab where much of my anxiety first created

What to think
How to think
What to believe
What to be happy about
What to be sad about
What is appropiate
How to speak
What is proper
What are morals
How to love
Who to love
How to dream
And live..

Yet and still
I am a bundle of Light looking out of Myself
from the top hovering over Myself
With the compassion of a Mother for a Child
learning a thing for the first time
I am grateful
I have somehow managed to stay woke
even in the warm womb of complacency