People who leave their life choices in the hands of other people, they scare me.
How can you leave a life decision in the hands of an other person? I will never understand it. Unless you are on life support and it’s a matter of suffering on the way to death while you’re in a comatose state of life, I will never understand it.
I guess people like these, who leave life decisions in the hands of others, live in a comatose state of living. Living but not aware that every choice, even the choice to live or die – when still capable of thinking and breathing – is a responsibility of you and you alone. Damn.
Even matters of the heart, some people leave it in the hands of tarot cards or yes-no lottery picks. Hell nah. How can’t you just find your grounding state and leave it in the hands of Soul. Every person knows what to choose, if you are willing to pay attention and dig deep or deeper beyond the surface, beyond the boundaries set up by Mind.
How come some people choose to be willingly blind for surface matters? Matters of life purpose and love, matters of universal understanding and light? These people scare the fuck out of me. And although I can understand it in a certain way – I will never ever want to deal with such a person in this lifetime of mine.